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Cocktail French 75

Cocktail French 75 What pour: Gin — 50 ml Lemon juice — 1 pc. Sugar — 1-2 tsp. Cold champagne to taste Ice to taste Like pouring: Pour gin, lemon juice into the shaker, add sugar, ice and shake well. Pour the mixture into a glass and add champagne.

Cocktail with rum and «Campari» for a party

Cocktail with rum and «Campari» for a party — the best idea of an alcoholic drink for fun on a holiday, birthday, engagement, new year’s eve. What pour: Pineapple Juice — 2 cups Orange juice — 2 cups White rum — 1 cup Dark rum — 3/4 cup «Campari» — 3 tablespoons Orange — 1 […]

Cherry Mojito

Cherry Mojito What pour: Seedless cherries — 2 glass. Mint — 8 branches Sugar — ¼ glass. Lime juice — ¼ stack. Lime zest — 1 pcs. Ice — 4 glass. Rum — 1 glass. Sparkling water — 2 glass. Like pouring: In a blender, beat the cherries, mint, zest and lime juice, sugar and […]

Cocktail «Refreshing Whiskey»

Cocktail «Refreshing Whiskey» What do we drink: Whiskey — 50 ml Lemon juice — 40 ml Sugar syrup — 10 ml Ice cubes to taste How to pour: Shake the ice with the whiskey, lemon juice and syrup. Pour into a glass and garnish with a lemon slice.

Coffee Peach Cocktail

Coffee Peach Cocktail What do we drink: Natural coffee — 250 ml Canned peaches — 4 pcs. Ice Cream — 200 g Sugar — to taste Whipped cream — to taste How to pour: Make coffee, add sugar to taste and cool. Put ice cream, canned peaches in a blender, pour in coffee, beat everything […]

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