Shakshuka — Israeli breakfast

Shakshuka — Israeli breakfast


• Chicken egg 8 pcs
• Pepper sweet 1 pc
• Onion 1 pc
• Garlic 2 cloves
• Tomatoes in their own juice 1 can (280 ml)
• Parsley fresh 1 bunch
• Pita flatbread 4 pcs
• Olive oil 50 ml
• Salt, sugar, freshly ground pepper to taste


Shakshuk is a great start to the day. It is served, as a rule, with a large piece of bread or cakes. By the way, in Israel such a “divine fried egg” has long been a traditional breakfast.

Currently there are a great many ways to cook. Each family has its own shakshuk: somewhere hot, somewhere not very good, with or without the addition of onions, maybe with thick sauce or liquid, with hard yolks or as a scoop. Chefs often add zucchini and spinach.

  1. Cut onion and sweet pepper into small cubes.
  2. Fry in olive oil. Add chopped garlic.
  3. Next, add plum tomatoes in its own juice, stew. We salt, we pepper. You can add a little sugar if the shakshuki sauce is too acidic.
  4. Then, add the chicken eggs directly to the hot sauce.
  5. Fry the eggs in tomato sauce for 3-4 minutes until the protein coagulates.
  6. Sprinkle the finished shakshuku with freshly chopped parsley
  7. And we serve real Israeli shakushuku for breakfast. I recommend to serve with pita.

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