Potato Pancakes with Ham

Potato Pancakes with Ham

pinch of dried thyme
potatoes — 700 g
egg — 1 pc.
chopped dill and parsley — 1 tbsp. l
flour — 2 tbsp. l
smoked cheese — 100 g
salt — to taste
ham — 100 g
vegetable oil — 4 tbsp. l
large onion — 1 pc.

Step-by-step recipe preparation
Step 1
Peel the onions, chop, chop the cheese and ham into small cubes. Grate the potatoes, fold in a colander and squeeze the mass with a spoon.
Step 2
Combine potatoes with flour, egg, onion, ham, cheese, greens, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.
Step 3
Heat in a pan 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil. Spoon spread the dough and fry over medium heat, for 3-4 min. on each side, until golden brown. Topping up the butter, make the rest of the pancakes.

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