Chickpea cream soup with squid and smoked fish

Chickpea cream soup with squid and smoked fish


chickpeas — 600 g
cream 33% — 400 ml
squid carcass — 400 g
hot-smoked perch fillet — 159 g
butter — 60 ml
salt, peppercorns
onion — 150 g
carrot — 150 g
celery root — 150 g
garlic — 10 g
vegetable broth — 1 l
salt — 1 g
pepper — 1 g
olive oil — 20 ml


Step 1
Soak chickpeas in cold water for a day.
Step 2
Vegetables cut into any shape and fry with chickpeas in olive oil.
Step 3
Roasted vegetables pour hot broth and cook and cook. At the end of cooking add spices.
Step 4
Punch soup in a blender.
Step 5
Squid cut into squares or «noodles», fry in olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Salt, pepper.
Step 6
Disassemble the perch into small segments.
Step 7
Add cream to cream soup, punch in a saucepan, pour into soup bowl. Along the edge lay out the perch fillet and squid. Decorate with drops of olive oil.

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