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Baked fish breaded with tomatoes

Baked fish breaded with tomatoes Baked fish breaded with tomatoes — the best simple recipe for a healthy dish of pike, perch or walleye for dinner. INGREDIENTS Pike, perch or walleye 1 kg Tomatoes 400 g Egg 1 pc Vegetable oil to taste Lemon juice to taste Salt to taste Pepper to taste Greens to […]

Shrimp with vegetables

Shrimp with vegetables Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: king prawns — 150 g bell pepper — 50 g zucchini — 150 g celery stalk — 50 g apple — 30 g dry white wine — 20 g garlic — 1 clove lime juice olive oil black pepper salt arugula Cherry tomatoes balsamic vinegar Cooking method: […]

Spaghetti with cod

Spaghetti with cod Cooking time: 20 minutes Ingredients: spaghetti — 50 g cod fillet — 150 g olive oil — 20 g cherry tomatoes — 50 g garlic — 1 clove salt black pepper water greenery Cooking method: Cut the cod fillet into small portions, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut the cherry […]

Cheese fish soup

Cheese fish soup The soup is very, very tasty! Ingredients: • Onion — 1 pc • Black pepper (ground, to taste) • Salt (to taste) • Water — 1 l • Olive oil — 10 ml • Dill — 1 bundle. • Potatoes — 3 pcs • Cedar nuts (preferably (!), But possible without …) […]

Baked fish with zucchini

Baked fish with zucchini Cooking time: 45 minutes Ingredients: dorada — 200 g olives — 20 g spinach salt black pepper olive oil Zucchini — 150 g lemon leaf salad Cooking method: We split the fish: remove the head, entrails, cut the ridge and reveal the fish. Take a handful of green olives without stones […]

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