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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight Ingredients: ● 5 glasses of sugar ● 2 glasses of water ● 1/2 cup of starch ● Peel of 1 orange or lemon ● 2-3 drops of lemon or orange oil ● 4–5 Art. spoons of powdered sugar Cooking: Dissolve starch with 1 glass of cold water and stir well to avoid lumps. […]

Chocolate Parfait

Chocolate Parfait Ingredients: 250 ml of milk 4 egg yolks 100 g of light cane sugar 1 tbsp. l starch 150 g of culinary chocolate 250 ml of heavy cream (about 35% fat, highly chilled) 1 tbsp. l cocoa powder Get about 6 servings Cooking: Pour the milk into a small saucepan, put on the […]

Caramelized oranges in chocolate

Caramelized oranges in chocolate Ingredients: 4-6 oranges (depending on size) • 600 g sugar • 300 ml of water • 250 g of dark chocolate Cooking: Cut oranges into circles about 5 mm thick. Thicker — will be bitter, thinner — the middle one will fall apart. Boil a pot of water, dip orange cups […]

Amber Pie

Amber Pie Ingredients: 4 big granny smith apples 2 eggs 80 gr. Sahara 100 gr. wheat flour 100 gr. butter 0.5 tsp. baking powder 1 tbsp. l orange confiture For jelly: 0.5 liters of apple juice without sugar 50 ml passion fruit syrup 10 gr. sheet gelatin For syrup: 150 gr. Sahara 100 gr. pulp […]

Hot and thick Italian chocolate

Hot and thick Italian chocolate What do we drink: A mixture of cream and milk — 1.5 stack. Starch — 1.5 tsp. Sugar — 4 tbsp. l Dark chocolate — 85 g How to pour: Rub or chop the chocolate. In a bowl, mix 3 tbsp. l mixes of cream and milk with starch. Stir […]

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