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Pizza with tuna and olives

Pizza with tuna and olives Ingredients: tomato sauce (recipe below) several olives and pitted olives can of tuna fish half sweet red pepper a few cherry tomatoes juice of a couple of lemon slices olive oil Dough: 1 kg. flour dry yeast — 1 bag 11g. 1st.l. Sahara 1st.l. salt without a hill 4st.l. olive […]

Turkish pizza — pide with meat and cheese

Turkish pizza — pide with meat and cheese Ingredients: eggs — 4-5 pieces; yogurt without additives or sour cream — 2 tbsp. l .; vegetable oil — 100 ml; dry yeast — 11 g; flour — about 250 g; water — 100 ml; sugar — 1 tbsp. l .; minced meat (chicken, assorted or other) […]

Closed pizza with chicken

Closed pizza with chicken Prepare a pizza salad of different color, sweet peppers, red onions and olives, pour olive oil and sprinkle with balsamic vinegar. INGREDIENTS 200 g spinach 2 tbsp. l olive and butter 200 g mozzarella for pizza 300 g chicken thigh fillet 2 cloves of garlic 4 sprigs of parsley salt, freshly […]

Baked Spaghetti Pizza

Baked Spaghetti Pizza Ingredients: Spaghetti — 340 g Salt — 1 tsp Pork sausage — 480 g Pepperoni — 60 g (about 30 slices) Tomato paste — 740 g Grated Parmesan — 60 g A mixture of grated cheeses — 230 g Cooking: Boil the spaghetti, drain and place in a greased dish. Fry sausage […]

Croissant pizza

Croissant pizza INGREDIENTS For the test: Flour 480g Butter 220 g Salt 10 g Water 250 ml For filling: Gouda cheese 100 g Ham 150 g Champignons 300 g Bulgarian pepper 1 pc. Olives 150 g Tomato paste 30 g For lubrication: Egg 1 pc. Black Sesame 25 g Crochet pizza recipe Knead the dough: […]

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